Waterfowl Hunting Adventures

We hunt waterfowl in many different ways around here. You can hunt traditionally in the lakes and rivers (and even throw in some fishing) or we can hit the Big Water and hunt out of boat blinds or layout boats. All of these methods can be productive and fun, but many times it also depends on the weather and where the ducks are. Early in the season we tend to hunt on rivers and lakes with some hunting on the Bay from boats. As the winter starts to settle in and the divers and sea ducks head south, we can move to layout boats in the Bay and Lake Michigan. Book early as these trips will fill fast!


Inland Lakes and Rivers

We will hit the water in our custom Hyde Power Drifter jet boat for a half day (morning or evening) of chasing waterfowl. The day begins before shooting time and ends approximately 12 noon, or when the group is limited out. A yak lunch can be added on for your group. The evening hunt starts at 2 pm and goes until end of shooting time.


The Bays by Boat

One of the unique characteristics of our area are the Bays. These large bodies of water attract every species from mallards to divers and sea ducks. Join us as we set up on the Bay for a morning or evening of hunting! The view alone is worth the money, but the shooting can be fast and furious without knowing what ducks will show up! Hunting can be from shore or boat and may include both.

Ask about our Cast and Blast Lake Trout option!


Layout Hunting on Big Water

Have you ever tried to pass shoot divers at 30 mph? Maybe had mallards land right on top of you while sitting in the largest freshwater ocean in the world? We have got the ticket for you! Jump in our Core Sound Layout boats and buckle up for a day to remember. While we can handle parties of up to 4 clients, in 2019 clients will hunt 2 at a time in a rotational basis with the remaining clients remaining in the tender boat. This is an active hunting experience and everyone helps out in the setup.

Length of trips: Morning hunts are done by 12 noon or when the party limits our. Our evening hunts start mid-afternoon and go to end of shooting time, or when the party limits out. Layout hunts are morning only and last until 2 pm or when the party limits out. Lake Trout Cast and Blast options end by 2-3 pm and include a yak lunch.

Cost: $500 flat fee for 2 clients. Additional clients $100 each. Maximum of 4.

Cost: $750 flat fee for up to 2 clients. Additional clients $100 each. Maximum of 4.

Lake Trout Cast and Blast: $500 per person, minimum 2 clients.

Cost: $500 per client with minimum 2 clients. Maximum of 4.