Walk-in Flats Flyfishing


Walk-in Flats Fishing (Flyfishing Only)

If you want to get your feet wet, then this is the trip for you. Wade the flats on Lake Michigan for carp and smallmouth bass. This is hunting the fish at its best. Due to the highly migratory nature of fish during this time of year, we will likely fish a few different locales. This is a trip best for late June and into July depending upon water temperatures.


1-2 Anglers:
$300 for 4 hours
$450 for 6 hours

Price includes rods, reels and flies. Due to the physical nature of this type of fishing, we do a maximum trip length of 6 hours. If you book a 6 hour trip, then we will include a shore lunch of yak meat from our very own ranch, sides, water and soft drinks.