Sporting Clays Instruction


Instructing the Next Generation of Shooters


Individual and Group Adult Instruction

I’ve been shooting competitively since I was 8 years old. Around 30 years ago (shortly after sporting clays was brought to the States and growing) I started shooting sporting clays. Over that time, I’ve helped tons of folks learn the sport. What many people overlook in learning to just go out and shoot with their friends, is the technical aspects of the sport that lay the foundation for the fastest growth and development of the shooter.

Gun fit, mount, analyzing the target presentation and engaging it correctly. These all are important foundations that are harder to add to your game when you have to unlearn bad habits.

Come spend an hour or more with us to either start yourself on the correct road or to learn more about the technical aspects of the sport.

Sporting Clays Shooting Instruction

$150 per hour per person. Group discounts are available for 3 or more.

Hourly private training at our facility.  Up to 50 shells and 50 clays included.

NOTE: We love to teach the next generation of shooters and hunters. However, your child needs to be of appropriate size and development to really begin shooting shotguns correctly. Please call for more information.