Our fishing and hunting calendar can vary by the year, weather patterns and seasons but below is a general guide to help you in booking trips. Take a look and book early to secure your spot!

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If you want to ice fish, contact us for a local recommendation. Otherwise, if we get a warm sunny day, the steelhead will begin to move!

Everyone knows that this is spring steelhead season. However, as the lake waters warm, we begin to chase lake trout, brown trout and smallmouth. When the surface temps get above 40 degrees, it makes it worthwhile.

Plenty of options during this time of year! Smallmouth and carp on the Bay and flats. This is full-on flats boat season for that Caribbean experience you’ve been looking for. As the river temps rise, the smallmouth get hungry on topwater too! Finally, there are Bluegill in the local lakes, which is great to getting the kids into flyfishing!

Late August and early September bring the salmon runs at the river mouths and up into the rivers. September also is our early teal and goose season. On the glorious 15th of September, grouse season opens for us to chase the king of the gamebirds! October begins regular duck season and we will hunt from jet boats, kayaks and layout rigs on the big water.

December brings with it the ushering in of winter, but before then we have the late duck season weekend (middle of Dec) and late grouse season, which can be good depending on the weather.

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