Bespoke Gundogs is a subsidiary of Leelanau Fin & Feather Outfitters.


Gundog Training - Beginning to Advance Field Training


Beginning Training - Prior to First Hunting Season

This program is for those that are just starting their pup out and are in the middle of, or have completed, basic obedience. Steadiness, early bird introduction, gun fire conditioning and refining the retrieve are some of what we work on here.

NOTE: If you need help with obedience, please click here and we’ll help you with a program you can do at home.


Intermediate Training - After First or Second Season

Yes, there is growth in a pup’s first year, but the real growth and areas for improvement show after the first and second season. Advanced steadiness, sit/steady to flush and shot and multiple marks and retrieves are all some of what you will want to work on and we have the location and skills to do it.


Advanced Training - Third Season and Thereafter

Oh, the third season. Where it all really comes together and after which most people consider your dog mature and, while there will always be work to do, it is the critical time to correct those last snafus from further ingraining in your dog’s behavior. Or maybe its some advanced blind or field work such as backing or whoa/sit through the shot? Give us a call.


Gundog Training - Beginning to Advanced (Hourly)