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What You See Is Only The Beginning.....

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The dorsal fin on a fish correlates to its size, but it only tells part of the story....

Our story is about faith, lifestyle and providing experiences that are not only unforgettable, but leave our clients yearning for the next time they can join us.

Yes, it's customer service, but its more.  It is in our spirit to enjoy time with others in community, sharing the outdoors and seeing God move in it.  As an imperfect Christian, I believe that I can see God in all of nature and that He reveals His true self.  It's just the perspective I have and the foundation of our lives.  For you it might be different, but I am guessing you feel your soul refreshed after time afield!

But I don't want to get ahead of myself so here's the background.

My background

I have always had a passion for the outdoors, shooting, hunting, gundogs and the sporting life.  In my younger years, when I wasn't on the water chasing bluegill and bass, catching turtles and snakes or exploring in the woods, I was riding my bike through the country looking for the next adventure.

I started shooting competitively in the muzzleloading discipline around 6 and bird hunting shortly thereafter.  I enjoyed winning national championships and success in the field and on the water, but for me there was always something more.  A day afield or on the water refreshed my soul.  It nourished me, even if we didn't fill the game bag.  It is hard to understand but I have truly always believed a day afield with nothing is better than a day doing anything else.

As I grew and continued to move into sporting clays and flyfishing, I found that exposing others to the sporting lifestyle and the power of the outdoors was more and more enjoyable.

In 2010 I opened the first full-service outfitter in Leelanau County - Soulfish Outftters.  We provided equipment and excursions for the paddle, hike, camp and bike areas but I was yearning to more towards more focus on my first loves in the sporting lifesytle.  After closing in 2015 due to health issues with one of our children, I knew that there would always be something more.

Finally, now in 2018 it's the time.  Leelanau Fin & Feather will be another first of its kind in offering high-quality gear for the sporting lifestyle in Leelanau
County and unforgettable experiences for our clientele.

We strive to provide these experiences and conversations that sustain you for the period you are away from our area and bring you back yearning for more.  Expereinces that you will tell for years to come fireside with family and friends.

Join us in this adventure....

Be blessed,


Companies That We Endorse

Pro Staff

Drake Waterfowl - I am on the Field Expert Team (Pro Staff) of Drake because I believe in their clothing. Drake clothing and accessories are the highest quality (and at an affordable price) out there. And, with hunting-specific and fishing lines you can be set up for waterfowl, turkey, whitetail/big game and fishing!

Q5 Outdoor Products - Another brand that I am honored to be on the pro staff for, Q5’s modualar upland vests are unparalleled for hunting and gundog training. I use mine almost year around (when the snow"‘s not knee-deep or deeper) and I’m training gundogs or chasing game on the wing!

Pro-deal Relationships

Simms Fishing Products - Unparalleled in fishing-specific gear that doesn’t only cover flyfishing as many think. Watch any tournament on television nowadays and you will see most guys wearing Simms. As a Simms Pro I endorse their gear from the river to Lake Michigan!

Sitka Gear - The leader in camouflage that is developed from the viewpoint of the quarry you are chasing. Whether its whitetail deer, big game or waterfowl, Sitka has you covered. Their outerwear is great and the “system” approach, while not the first, is seamless.